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    • Wide range of schemes
    • Over 40 years of experience
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    CSIB provides its expertise and assistance to clients through:

    Consulting services

    Analyzing and studying existing insurance coverage

    Customization services

    Tailoring customer-specific insurance coverage

    Supportive services

    Assessing and managing insurance claims and disputes

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    We at CSIB provide you with the shield of safety

    Capital Shield Insurance Brokers LLC (CSIB) is a leading multinational insurance brokerage firm duly registered and licensed to conduct insurance brokerage business in UAE. CSIB is also licensed by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi and Dubai Health Authority to operate the health insurance business in Abu Dhabi and Dubai respectively.

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    Capital Shield Insurance Brokers LLC - Abu Dhabi
    P.O. Box 130085, 606, Al Ghaith Tower,
    Hamdan Street – Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Contact Numbers
    +971 2 6281444
    +971 2 6281443
    Capital Shield Insurance Brokers LLC - Dubai
    P.O. Box 238264, 6th Floor, 607- Metropolis
    Building, Al Abraj Street , Dubai, UAE
    Contact Numbers
    +971 4 4566607
    +971 4 4566526

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