Our insurance products include


  • Aviation Insurance

    Professional Indemnity

  • Aviation Insurance

    Personal Accident Insurance

  • Aviation Insurance

    Motor Insurance

  • Aviation Insurance

    Miscellaneous Insurance

  • Aviation Insurance

    Marine Hull Insurance

  • Aviation Insurance

    Marine Cargo Insurance

  • Aviation Insurance

    Life Insurance

  • Aviation Insurance

    Liability Insurance

  • Aviation Insurance

    Household Insurance

  • Aviation Insurance

    Health Insurance

  • Aviation Insurance

    Fire & Allied Perils Insurance

  • Aviation Insurance

    Energy Insurance

  • Aviation Insurance

    Construction & Engineering

  • Aviation Insurance

    Aviation Insurance

  • Professional Indemnity

    Professional Indemnity Policy provides coverage to professionals from various industries against legal liabilities arising from acts of negligence, error, or omission during the ordinary course of professional performance.

  • Personal Accident Insurance

    Personal Accident policies provide coverage on a 24-hour basis to individuals or groups against accidental death due to any violent external visible means, permanent total disability, and permanent partial disability. For Permanent Total and Permanent Partial Disability due to such accidents, benefits are payable as per continental scales. Repatriation expenses and medical expenses up to specified limits can also be covered. Territorial limits may also be extended to worldwide.

  • Motor Insurance

    Comprehensive and Third-Party Liability Motor Insurance policies are available.
    Under a comprehensive motor policy, damage to one’s own vehicle and legal liability to a third party in respect to bodily injury or death and damage to property are covered. The risks insured against are accidental collision or overturning, fire, external explosion, self ignition, lightning or thunderbolt, burglary or theft, malicious damage, and transit risks.

  • Miscellaneous Insurance

    Travel Medical Expenses Insurance

    Policy provides insurance coverage for individuals and families in case of emergency outside their usual country of residence.

    Livestock Insurance

    Policy provides coverage against death and disability of insured animals due to accidents, illness, or diseases including limited theft risk.

    Plate Glass Insurance

    Policy provides coverage to fixed glass fittings in the specified premises against accidental breakage due to any causes not specifically excluded from the policy coverage.

    Money Insurance

    Policy provides coverage to cash in safe or in strong room or in the designated premises and cash in transit while in described territory against loss due to any cause not specifically excluded from the policy coverage. Loss or damage to safe or strong room caused by theft or attempted theft is also covered.

    Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

    Policy provides coverage to the employers against loss of money or goods due to any of their employees committing acts of forgery, embezzlement, larceny, misappropriation, and or fraudulent conversion of money or goods during the course of their employment.

  • Marine Hull Insurance

    This type of insurance provides coverage against loss and/or damage to vessels/ships hull and machineries, material and other equipment including collision/TPL/Protection & Indemnity risks; for the following:

    1. Fleets of ocean-going vessels such as: Containerships, General Cargo, Bulk and RoRo Vessels.
    2. Fleets of Catering, Utilities, Tugs, Barges, Oilfield, etc.
    3. Movable Rigs, Platforms and Marine Dredgers
    4. Oil and Gas Tankers/Carriers
    5. Builders’ Risks
    6. Charterer’s Liability
    7. Pleasure Boats/Yachts used for pleasure purpose
  • Marine Cargo Insurance

    We provide effective insurance coverage for a wide range of commodities and goods shipped worldwide by sea, air, and land. Customers can select the appropriate coverage based on their business volume and specific requirements. The coverage available could be on All Risk basis including war, etc., as well as can be granted on a restricted cover basis. Based on the volume of business/trade, the following policies can be arranged:

    • Marine Cargo Open Policy: This policy offers customers with a high volume of business, coverage for all material falling within the scope of coverage, subject to terms and conditions. The usual insurance policy period is 12 months. Declarations of shipment to insurers can be done either on a case-by-case, monthly, or quarterly basis.
    • Marine Cargo Voyage Policy: This policy is designed for customers with a low volume of business. The insured party must advise insurers of any consignment prior to shipment; policy terms and conditions as well as premium rates must be agreed with insurers prior to shipment.
  • Life Insurance

    CSIB do have a full fledge Life Insurance Department. We are arranging both individual long term and short term policies including investment plans.
    Policy provides coverage against death due to any cause on worldwide basis. Disability coverage is also available for Permanent Total, Partial, and Temporary Disabilities arising out of accident/sickness. Critical illness cover is also available under the schemes for individual and group.

  • Liability Insurance

    Under this class, there are all sort of liabilities of an individual or firm can be covered like Workmen’s Compensation Policies, Third-Party Liability, Public Liability, Comprehensive General Liabilities, Professional Indemnity, Medical Malpractice etc.

  • Household Insurance

    To cover the household contents like furniture, machinery, appliances, linen, jewelry and other personal belongings.

  • Health Insurance

    We have various types of medical insurance schemes specially designed to suit the needs of individuals, families and group of employees, covering medical expenses such as in-patient/out-patient treatment availed of by the insured persons, up to the stated limits and sub-limits mentioned in the policy, which is in accordance with the requirements of the insurance laws issued by the Government of Abu Dhabi/Dubai and regulated by Health Authority of Abu Dhabi/Dubai Health Authority. We offer a range of plans to cover UAE, Regional plans, and International plans. The coverage & premium price varies, based either on Geo-Territory required to be covered and/or benefits selected. Optional coverage such as routine dental & repatriation expenses are also available.

  • Fire & Allied Perils Insurance

    The basic Fire Policy may be extended to cover risks of storm, tempest, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, aircraft or other aerial devices or articles dropped from an aerial device, impact damage by any third-party road vehicles, horses or cattle, bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus, or pipes. Furthermore, it may be further extended to cover loss of profits, loss of rent, liability to landlord and third parties, theft, strikes, riots & civil commotion, malicious damage, explosion, etc.

    Property All Risks:

    Policy provides all risk coverage to property whilst situated at a given premises against losses and/or damages due to any accident. When compared to conventional Fire Policy, the Property All Risks Policy covers accidental damage to insured property in addition to the Fire & Allied Perils and Burglary.

  • Energy Insurance

    We provide a wide-range of insurance coverage for the energy sector and related industries.

    • 1. Offshore Construction Projects
    • 2. Comprehensive General Third-party Liability Insurance
    • 3. Offshore Liability Risk Insurance
    • 4. Offshore/Onshore Pipe-Laying Operations
    • 5. Offshore/Onshore Drilling Rigs Insurance
    • 6. Oil and Gas Carriers (Hull and Liability)
  • Construction & Engineering

    Contractor’s All Risks, Contractor’s Plant & Machinery, Machinery Breakdown and Electronic Equipment insurance policies are some of the policies available under this class of insurance.

    Contractor’s All Risks Policy covers civil engineering contracts. It provides coverage against Material Damage to contract work and Legal Liability to Third Parties against bodily injury and property damage. Cover is provided on an ‘All Risks’ basis, i.e. coverage against all types of risks specifically not excluded from the policy coverage. This policy is issued for the whole period of contract work, including the Maintenance Period.

    Erection All Risks Policy is issued for all types of mechanical engineering contract work, including coverage for material damage and third-party liability. Coverage is provided on an ‘All Risks’ basis. The policy is issued for the whole period of contract work, including the maintenance and testing period.

    Contractor’s Plant & Machinery Policy is a specially-designed policy to provide insurance coverage to the contractor’s plant & machinery. It provides Material Damage coverage to insured items on an “All Risks” basis.

    Machinery Breakdown Policy provides cover to insured machinery items against material damage, due to causes such as faulty design (calculations, plans, drawings and specifications), faulty operation, and lack of skill and negligence, or from any other cause not specifically excluded from the policy cover.

    Electronic Equipment Policy is specially designed to provide coverage to computer systems and all other types of electric and electronic equipment. Coverage includes Material Damage, Cost of Restoration of Data, and Increased Cost of Working on an ‘All Risks’ basis.

  • Aviation Insurance

    We provide significant insurance coverage for the aviation industry, tailored toward satisfying our customers’ requirements.

    • Aviation hull all Risk
    • Hull/Spares
    • Third-party Liabilities
    • Passenger and Cargo Liabilities
    • Airport Operator’s Liability
    • Other(War etc)